Praise from our clients

Istetix took on the formidable task of developing an online visual registry of US military servicepersons, in which Veterans and their families could build personalized profile pages displaying their unique awards, badges, units, ranks, wars, battles, etc. They built an extremely complicated database of the US Armed Forces from the first battles of the American Revolution to last weeks’ conflicts, following military protocols, rules and variations appropriate to every branch of service and each unique period of the American experience. Blending an extensive and growing library of heavily researched images with a multi-layered dynamic user interface, he provided an easy experience for every user to select relevant choices to build their personal profile and engage in social networking with their buddies and families. After seven years of fine tuning and problem solving as the website continues to grow (now almost 3 million profiles), Istetix recently took the initiative to do a complete graphic remodeling of the site and made it compatible with every current display format, tablet, smartphone, etc. For outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty (and the assigned specs), they deserve the absolute strongest recommendation.
Jerry Michaud, Executive Director, Roll Of Honor Foundation  Jerry Michaud, Executive Director, Roll Of Honor Foundation
In 2004, we hired Istetix to rebuild our company web site. Happy with the rebuild, we commissioned them to build order management and customer data management tools for us. Additional functionality and features were added on demand over the past 10 years. Istetix has since rebuilt the order and customer data management tools into a comprehensive corporate intranet application, as well as added a customer portal where customers can look up their shipments and view invoices. Istetix has helped automate many of our business processes, thus increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. They continue to support our applications and add features where needed.
John Fakler, US Express Freight Systems  John Fakler, US Express Freight Systems
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